Intro Post

Welcome to Anxiety Takedown! :)

Please read this if you're interested in joining!

In a Nutshell
This community faces social anxiety with an action-oriented focus on meeting challenges on a biweekly basis. Other posts consist of progress pat-on-the-backs, and helpful resources or information. The purpose of the community is to focus on sharing experiences, supporting one another, and in doing so, learning to be more forgiving and accepting of our own struggles.

What is a "Challenge"?
A "challenge" is simply a social task to complete that takes you out of and pushes the limits of your comfort zone. This can be anywhere from as simple as ordering over the phone, or taking a walk with a new friend. After attempting a challenge, members can share in the commenting section with their reactions, difficulties and all.
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Just Be: Today's Challenge!

Okay so this challenge is for just being in person with someone else, for at least an hour that you normally wouldn't be around someone else. Being physically with someone else actually helps you regulate your heart rate and your blood pressure. Walking or talking with someone else also helps to synchronize you with the same heart rate, pace, breath, step. It doesn't have to be anything in particular, but the other person must know that they are with you.


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Q: Challenge Responses

For challenge reactions, do people think it's a better idea to simply:

1) Create new posts?


2) Respond in the comments section?


That's probably the only other big question left; after this, I'll likely stick to a certain format, and we can switch it up if it doesn't work out.


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Hey guys! Welcome :)

Please read the community info if you haven't read it yet just to get a feel for what we're going to be doing here.


Also, I'll be asking your opinions over the next couple of days just to work out technical details:

Format of Challenges

Which option do you prefer for the challenges?

1) General challenges (i.e., making a phone call, making a store purchase). Those who want to participate in a challenge because it's something they need to work on, would accept it and post about their experience. Those who are already comfortable with the activity would simply pass on it and wait for the next one.


2) Challenges according to level of difficulty. Everyone would submit a list of activities they find challenging, number them according to their level of difficulty, and each day we would work with a challenge of a different level.

So far I'm leaning towards Option #1, because it's less complicated and we'll all be on the same page when we're discussing a challenge. What do you guys think? do you have another alternative?


Okay thanks, we'll go with #1. :)